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We hope you like the idea of Miinto Light! This is a new an interesting way of doing business and we hope that you want to give you and your shop the opportunity for more revenue in an easy way.

What if I re-order too many products?

The store can always return the products ordered through the system to the brand. However, the only Never-our-of-stock products can be re-ordered so you can expect to always be able to sell the products

Who will setup the re-order rules?

Miinto will contact the store to find the best approach for you. Normally, Miinto will set the first rules based on store’s stock level and then help adjust to expected future sales

What is the cost?

Being a part of Miinto Light is about earning and not spending. You will not pay anything to be signed up. For all the BTC orders you accept, you will get the order value – minus shipping and 16% commission. Returns and exchanges are free of charge for you.

For re-ordering you will actually receive money, as Miinto offers a 2% kick-back on all products re-ordered through the system.

And how about the automatic re-order?

Miinto or brand will contact you to setup re-order regulations. When almost sold out, you will automatically receive NOOS styles from collaborating brands.

How do I become a part of Miinto Light?

It’s fairly easy, you just need to have a POS system with stock control and need to establish a feed to Miinto. This is what we do from here:

  • Sign the Miinto Light agreement
  • Miinto will get in touch with the POS supplier establishing feed
  • Your store will map products
  • Miinto will introduce you to the system during welcome call
  • Now you’re ready to receive BTC orders from the brands

No POS? We’ll fix it!
As a partner Miinto offer special rates on cash system through DdD.